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How SOLO is Streamlining Education, Employment and Professional Development in the Tech era

The effects of digitalization, especially over the last year and a half in the wake of the pandemic, are most often discussed in terms of economic impact and job disruption. And this makes sense, large corporations, government agencies, and forward thinking start-ups are all adopting remote work policies that impact millions of people across the globe. As a result, the global market for digital transformations is projected to reach nearly 1 trillion USD by 2025. 

This is great news for many cohorts in our current global workforce, but what about the next generations?

Impact of the Pandemic, Digitalization, and the Remote Era on Employment

Right now there is an entire generation of students and young adults that are navigating an outdated education system on their way to being thrown into an unprecedented job market. Digital transformations are certainly helping organizations succeed, but they are also limiting the number of jobs available. This process is also constantly changing job demands, meaning future workers need to be able to build off their existing knowledge base at any time. 

Another trickle-down effect from the pandemic is the “Great Resignation,” which saw a record number of employees quit during the first quarter of 2021. Many employees, whether they are local businesses or large corporations, are having difficulty attracting and retaining talent. Job seekers are now becoming much more selective, and are highlighting non-financial work factors like opportunities for growth and learning. 

If current institutions and future employees are going to successfully address the current talent crisis, they will need to leverage every available tool. Powerful technologies like cloud native services and blockchain are now being leveraged to create comprehensive platforms that combine skill-sharing, internships, and tons of employment-related services. 

The Solo Network is leading the charge in this regard. 

Connecting Schools, Employers, and Talent in the Solo Ecosystem

Through one simple paradigm shift, the Solo Network is bringing together students, educational institutions, and industry into one comprehensive online environment. But, unlike social media platforms that are mainly based on performative sharing, Solo is entirely based upon marketable skills — be it unique learning methods, modular internships, or advanced screening of candidates for employment. 

With the digital education market alone expected to reach nearly 100 billion USD by 2028, Solo is providing the template for an ideal service delivery method. By focusing on students, education institutions, and companies, Solo provides unprecedented transparency for all parties involved. This helps create an employment landscape where job seekers, educators, and employers interact with each other to determine best fit. 

Here are some of the main features available on the innovative Solo Network: 

  • Multiple different courses, internships, and structured competitions that provide a more active, contextually-rich learning environment for students
  • A platform where companies can browse through verified student candidates for employment opportunities, internships, and talent assessment
  • Universities and colleges share relevant information about the courses, achievements, and practical learning experiences that prepare students for a digitized workforce

If you want to learn more about how Solo is streamlining the education, employment, and professional development process, contact us today!

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