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Introducing SOLO: Discover Connect & Grow

Tech industry is changing rapidly with new innovations and opportunities. A large number of new faces are joining the tech industry with a mindset to contribute. However, this scenario comes with pros and cons. 

With more students and tech enthusiasts joining, the competition gets higher. In contradiction without the right skills and experience, it becomes difficult for a student to step into the corporate world. Acquiring theoretical knowledge and then building your career in a skill-oriented industry is equivalent to dealing with two extremely opposite environments. Students have to take this challenge in the early stage of life with limited tools in their hands. 

On the other hand, institutes deal with completely different challenges. Even if modern-day institutes are well connected with the industry still it is not effective enough to bring revolutionary changes and traction. Institutes operate in a comparatively private environment hence they have limited options to be connected with their students after completion of the course. It results in less exposure for them to present their student and partner companies in the global ecosystem.

Challenges of students and institutes highly affect companies and the overall industry. Companies find it challenging to get candidates with the right skill sets. At the same time, it is hard for companies to give feedback to institutes about industry trends and requirements as both entities are not well connected.

Due to these flaws and lack of connection sometimes it becomes a nightmare for students, institutes, and companies to achieve their goals, work & grow together.

Does it mean we need to change the entire system? Definitely not!

However, with the advancements in the technology world, we can build a solution that can make existing systems well connected and well managed.

Students can be armored with tools and clarity about the industry which can help them to tackle challenges in a better way. Institutes can be empowered with modern processes. Companies can be informed about real-time information and talent. This way a collaborative ecosystem can help all participants to grow together.

That’s what the SOLO Ecosystem is. 


Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn

SOLO is a futuristic practical experience ecosystem, where students, institutions & companies collaborate together to produce industry-ready verifiable & trustable talent in the field of technology.

It is developed around the idea of facilitating organic learning through various opportunities such as curated courses, open internships, hackathons & live project experiences so that students can discover their interest in the early stage of their life. By participating in these experiences and collaborating with like-minded talent these individuals can Explore options and develop skills. As a result institutes and companies can collaborate better to form a reliable ecosystem where every participant will have their own goals and benefits at the same time contributing to achieving the goals of other participants. 

To kickstart the journey we are happy to introduce SOLO 1.0 B. A very first version of SOLO for selected early adopters to test and give feedback.

What you can expect from 1.0 B

1.0 B is more focused on bringing all possible participants together and establishing collaborative workflows to build a strong base. Participants are roughly divided into three types: Individuals, Industries and Companies. 

Institutes/Companies can create adaptive content such as personalized courses, webinars, and hackathons for their students on this platform and make it available to a broader audience at a much lesser time.

Using blockchain technology for managing digital certificates SOLO is achieving superior transparency & trust between participant entities. 

Institutes face difficulties in keeping track of their students’ skills and engagement with companies.  B 1.0 has smart portfolio management that helps institutions manage all their students’ profiles in one place. This strengthens the institutional system and will increase productivity. Institutes will have insights into students’ progress and achievements through the smart portfolio management system.

SOLO’s vision is to build a tech-driven community for collaboration which leads to tech innovations. SOLO B1.0 has a social module designed to create and explore content, Socialize and connect with like-minded individuals to unleash potential network effects.

SOLO is a vision-driven Project hence the list of features is long. B 1.0 itself has many more such features to welcome you on this journey and to give you an idea about what’s coming up.

Road map is dynamic due to the user’s first approach. However, I hope you got an idea about the project vision and how SOLO is trying to transform the present system to build an ecosystem for the future.

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